Is Your Next Car an SUV?

Although SUVs offer their owners several benefits, many drivers are so accustomed to their coupes or sedans that they do not consider getting anything else as their next vehicle. Here at Access Ford Lincoln of Corpus Christi we've gathered a few reasons that SUVs are so great.

More cargo space: Since an SUV is a much larger vehicle than a sedan or coupe, it has a lot more room for carrying large loads of cargo.

Passengers will also be thrilled to find so much extra comfort and legroom in a new SUV because of its increased interior passenger room. You will never have to worry about your passengers feeling cramped again.

Another area where SUVs shine is in their off-road prowess. While smaller cars, like coupes or sedans, may have difficulties driving on non-paved surfaces, an SUV will be able to handle it much better.

Stop by our showroom to view SUV models from Ford.

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