I Love My New Car So Much I Sprang For Gap Insurance

That's right—the car I purchased at Access Ford Lincoln of Corpus Christi is just perfect for me! I really wanted to protect my investment so I looked into gap insurance. I found out that:
  1. If I have an accident and total my new baby (boo hoo!), my insurance will only pay for what the vehicle is worth—not how much I paid for it.
  2. If I owe more on my loan than what the vehicle is worth, I could be left making payments on a car I no longer have!
  3. Gap insurance will cover the difference between what the car is worth at the time and what I owe on my loan.
  4. If I pay down the loan so I no longer have a gap, I can cancel the gap insurance.
  5. Gap insurance is available from my dealer or my insurance agent.
  6. Say you wish to lease your new car—you may be required to purchase gap insurance as a precaution.
Your new vehicle is the second largest purchase you make next to your home, don't you want to protect it?
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