Servicing Your Transfer Case Now Can Save Money in The Long Run

When you think of vehicle maintenance, oil changes and brake pad inspections probably come to mind. What about a transfer case service? The transfer case is often overlooked when it comes to preventative maintenance, even though when neglected it can cause some serious problems.

Every four-wheel drive and all-wheel-drive vehicle has a transfer case. The transfer case's main purpose is to distribute power from the transmission to the front and rear axles. It allows a vehicle to operate in lower gears at varying speeds.

Servicing a transfer case involves draining and replacing the fluid that lubricates the mechanism. The type of fluid used is specific to the make and model of the vehicle. The experienced service technicians at Access Ford Lincoln of Corpus Christi, conveniently located at 3680 U.S. Highway 77, can service the transfer case and are always happy to answer any questions regarding the process.

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