Avoid Changing Your Oil Every 3,000 Miles

While the often-heard oil change interval of 3,000 miles is one that Corpus Christi, TX drivers have heard for years, it is actually becoming obsolete thanks to various advancements in automotive engineering. How frequently should we be changing our oil?

If you are looking for an accurate estimate of how often you need to change your oil based on the model you drive and your driving habits, then simply look it up in your car's owner's manual. If you are interested in a more reliable method instead of an estimate, then get under the hood and check your engine's oil manually in order to know when to replace it.

Vehicles depend on fresh oil in order to function at their peak. However, you may be wasting money by replacing your vehicle's oil too frequently if you are currently following the 3,000-mile rule. Speak to our knowledgeable service team at Access Ford Lincoln of Corpus Christi if you want more information.

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