Ford Focus Technology: Smart, Fun, and Creative

The Ford Focus smartly adds technology to assist the driver. Hands-free systems, safety features, and passenger comfort have all been uniquely worked into the design of the Focus.

Voice navigation lets the driver keep eyes on the road while Google Maps along with living traffic updates helps get everyone to their destination. Estimated arrival time is a handy feature to have also.

Backup cameras are a standard feature on all models. The sensors clearly display on the middle front console. Other sensors work on detecting movement in blind spots, cross traffic ahead, and the lane keeps system monitors side-to-side sway.

Incorporated into the center console, a smart technology USB port monitors the power supply feeding into devices. The Ford Focus pairs with iPhones and Android devices.

Stop by our showroom here at Access Ford Lincoln of Corpus Christi and take a test drive today, and see and experience the Ford Focus technology for yourself.



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