What Does a Leak in an Intake Manifold Do?

The integrity of intake manifold gaskets is extremely important. Thee gaskets are made up of a plastic and rubber alloy designed to take extreme heat. Eventually, even these seals will fail due to the rotation of heat and cold that causes molecular breakdowns.

The intake manifold carries coolant fluid to the cylinder heads, reducing the heat levels. A leak in an intake manifold gasket allows air and coolant fluid into the combustion chamber. While the air burns during the combustion process, small amounts of coolant travel down the piston and into the engine block to mix with the engine oil. The coolant compromises the oil, so all the internal parts of the engine block are exposed to added friction. Eventually, a gasket will fail, and a part will break.

Here at Access Ford Lincoln of Corpus Christi, our service center will we check the integrity of your intake manifold gaskets during every inspection. Plan your visit today!

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