Your Options With a Lease-End Provide Flexibility for Ownership

Is your vehicle lease coming to an end soon? We want to keep you informed with understanding the lease-end options.

You can choose to purchase the leased vehicle, or you can return it to the original dealership - without further obligation. You can also lease or purchase a new vehicle. Of course, these options are entirely personal based on your individual needs; however, if you decide to return your leased vehicle, the dealership will evaluate the overall condition. The evaluation will be done in accordance with the wear and tear agreement within your contract. If you decide to purchase the leased vehicle, you will be given a final purchase price and an entirely new contract, which includes paying new taxes.

While making your decision, stop by Access Ford Lincoln of Corpus Christi and take a test drive of a new vehicle! You can also schedule your appointment for the vehicle evaluation at that time.



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