The Ford Super Duty - Dependability in Action

The Ford Super Duty line of trucks is well known for its durability and work ethic. The Ford Super Duty lives up to this reputation, and it provides drivers with a number of durability enhancing features that include solid axles and sway control technology.

Vehicle axles must withstand much weight and torque in order to properly do their jobs. The Ford Super Duty includes specialized solid front axles that maximize weight-bearing capabilities. Available on many 2x4 and all 4x4 Super Duty models, the solid axles allow this capable vehicle to perform challenging tasks such as bearing the weight of heavy snow plows.

In addition to these solid axles, all Super Duty models with single or dual rear wheels come fully equipped with Ford's proprietary Advancetrac vehicle stability system. This system includes roll stability control as well as anti-sway technology. The Advancetrac design uses gyroscopes to deliver information about vehicle motion and attitude. If either the vehicle itself or towed trailers begin to sway or otherwise lose control, the roll stability control system applies engine and braking force to reimpose stability.



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