Ford Focus: High-Quality Performance In A Compact Package

The Ford Focus is a popular compact car that gets you from point A to point B in style with some of the most fantastic performance features. Are you interested in buying a compact car sometime in the future? Check out what the Ford Focus has to offer.

Are you a driver that enjoys mastering quick curves and straightaways in a high-performance vehicle? The Ford Focus was created with you in mind. This vehicle has four powertrains you can choose. How many cars can do that? The Ford Focus ST and Limited Edition RS possess the horsepower you need to make your NASCAR debut.

What else does the Ford Focus offer in the department of performance? One word; torque. This vehicle has a Torque Vectoring control system that's accompanied by electric power-assisted steering that enables you to make the most out of the Ford Focus' performance features. If this car has piqued your interest, take it for a test drive. The Ford Focus could be the car of your dreams.



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