Ford Fiesta Performance Features

The Ford Fiesta is one of the hottest vehicles on the road right now. The compact car gets incredible performance for being a four-cylinder. The dynamic handling, manual transmission, and turbocharged options make it one of the best options for a fuel economic car. The Fiesta models with the highest ratings include the four-door hatchback, which has much higher performance due to the turbocharged engine.

The turbocharged, four-cylinder Ford Fiesta ST gets more performance on the highway. The 32 mpg on the highway is a great incentive to get the Fiesta ST because you’ll be able to get great pick up on the highway. You’ll be able to move quickly through traffic with responsive steering and great acceleration.

When you want affordability and fuel economy, the Ford Fiesta offers the most performance for an economy vehicle. You can see the Fiesta in action when you visit and schedule a drive at Access Ford Lincoln of Corpus Christi.



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